About me

My name is Pavel and I'm from Estonia.

OK, now that you know me, let's see how you can benefit by us being friends.

I can:

  • Setup tracking plan. Analytics, Shmanalytics. I will help with Segment or any of its integrations.
  • Jump-start lifecycle marketing. By crafting personalised emails clients actually expect. And sending them automatically (tee-hee).
  • Review your product. I will go through your sales funnel to find any leaks. You will get an action list to improve your conversion and retention rates.
  • Launch bulletproof ads. Stop missing out on retargeting and branding traffic which is almost certainly profitable.
  • Organic growth. Now that's a fancy name for SEO. I can show you a thing or two.
  • Write no-bullshit copy. This can turn your product from a human-enslaving AI into a cool robot sidekick. They call it Slack Sauce.

If you're interested, let me know.